Kokosiki, Yaponskii & Monomania

Daisuke is a cool blonde 21-year-old guy that we met in Harajuku. He’s wearing a black and white jacket from Kokosiki and an animal print shirt from Yaponskii. His outfit also includes cuffed skinny jeans and studded red platform shoes from Tuk. His black backpack is from Yaponskii.

Daisuke’s favorite brand is Monomania. His accessories from Monomania include an eye-catching necklace. He likes K-pop music best.
Kokosiki, Yaponskii & Monomania

Blonde hair & Yaponskii cheetah top

Black Yaponskii backpack

Red Tuk platform shoes

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  1. Wow how did i know that this post was about Daisuke san just from the tweet lol he is fashionable as always! Totally envy his style xD love his red shoes <3

  2. WOW so cool!!!!! your Great !! i’m from canada :))

  3. ikitamura

    cute cute very cute Daisuke,
    very nice style & the shoes could never miss them,
    its screaming out *LOOK @ ME*

  4. I knew it!! something was KPop-ish about him, hehe his style overall reminds me of key from shinee, Daisuke is so cool *-*

  5. lazyfefe♥

    This guy has nice style! he is good looking ♥ w thanks for the picture! Daisuke rocks! :) i love his hair color

  6. Karachutz

    He’s mega eye candy! His hairstyle really suits him. Not to sound real noob but, is he famous? How come people know him already?

  7. how can a guys legs be so effin’ skinny??!! My cousin’s legs aren’t even like his and she weighs 43 kg!!!!

  8. @Karachutz -No, he’s not really famous, but he works at Monomania in LaForet in Harajuku (a clothing brand/shop) and is often featured on street fashion web sites because his style is so good. He has also been in TUNE magazine numerous times.

  9. lilith valentine

    this guy looks so uber rockabilly with what the creeper shoes, drainpipe jeans, dyed hair, and leopard print tees – how come he likes kpop?

  10. dillmockingbird

    The shoes are too big on him it makes his legs appear all the more skinny