KTZ Mesh Hoodie w/ LRG Jeans, Nike & Oz Abstract Accessories in Harajuku

666Dievil666 works at a boutique in Harajuku and we often see him around the streets. He’s also active on Instagram.

He is wearing a t-shirt and mesh hoodie from KTZ, both of which feature various patches. His jeans are from LRG and his sneakers are Nike. He is also wearing a tassel cap over a bandana, handcuffs necklace, golden band rings and a skull ring, which he got from Oz Abstract.

When it comes to shopping, 666Dievil666 told us he likes KTZ, UNIF and Oz Abstract. His favorite band is Dir en Grey.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    Ichiban cool ~ あい it , sweet cap ✰♚