Kumamiki’s Pink & Orange Hair, Sweet Accessories & Platforms in Harajuku

Here is a super-cute Harajuku personality who many of you will recognize instantly – it’s Kumamiki! Besides having her own brand (Party Baby) and modeling for Spinns Harajuku, Kuma is also one of the organizers of the Harajuku Fashion Walk. And, Harajuku Fashion Walk #8 is coming up soon! If you are going to be in Tokyo on January 22, 2012, make sure to check out the flyer at the bottom of this post for details!

Kumamiki is wearing a blue resale knit sweater covered in cute red puff balls, a floral dress from The Gap, white stockings with a red ribbon pattern, and Super Lovers platform sneakers with non-matching laces. Her accessories – from Party Baby and Milky Way – include lots of cute hair bows, a cookie hair clip (looks tasty!), a colorful stars necklace, a heart ring, a pancakes ring, a Candy Stripper pin, and a cute character attached to her shoe laces. Her cute giraffe backpack is from Harajuku’s 6%DOKIDOKI.

Kumamiki told us that Broken Doll is one of her favorite brands and that she likes to listen to the music of Yuki. For more information on Kumamiki, you can check out the Harajuku Fashion Walk website or her Twitter!

Click on any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. SiddeeQah

    She’s owning this style, she looks grown up, but she’s wearing the clothes, not letting the clothes wear her.

  2. The rings and the giraffe are totally adorable!!!

  3. chantelle

    if only japanese fashtion was normal in the uk -.-


    She does so well with that outfit~
    She looks her age while wearing clothes that are completley different~

  5. Love it! It very kawaii Wish we have clothes like this in the USA.


  7. Nicole *nicoru-chan*

    wow beautiful!! i love this colors!<3 and that platform shoes =3