Kurebayashi & Junnyan in Harajuku w/ Kawaii Monsters & Colorful Hair

Here are two longtime icons of the Harajuku street fashion scene – and two people who we have been snapping for years: it’s Kurebayashi (aka 90884) and Junnyan (aka Junnyan-san)! Even from a distance, the combined colors of their outfits & hair lit up the Harajuku night.

Kurebayashi – an indie fashion designer (with her own brand 90884), artist, and Kera Magazine model – is wearing an outfit which features a colorful knit cardigan over a skull-print dress, Swimmer heart-print tights, pastel leg warmers, and pink sneakers. Her accessories include numerous decora hair clips, a rainbow scarf, various cute buttons, a supercute decora ragdoll from the Japanese shop SOL (with whom Kurebayashi sometimes collaborates), and a super-supercute furry three-eyed monster backpack. Obviously, Kurebayashi’s rainbow hair and fun makeup add to the kawaii factor as well. You can follow Kurebayashi on Twitter here.

Junnyan – a DJ, party promoter, and one of the founders of Harajuku Fashion Walk – is wearing a furry Galaxxxy monster hood, a Super Lovers matching set hoodie & shorts, leggings, striped socks, and multi-tongue SPX sneakers. Accessories include a 6%DOKIDOKI necklace and a Nile Perch bag. Junnyan can be found on Twitter here.

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  1. WOW!~~ So much awesomeness!!! o(≧o≦)o
    What is their style called? Is it “decora”?

  2. Why so much awesomeness?? Q^Q It’s amazing!! I love Decora!

  3. I just love Kurebayashi. She is always so adorable :D

  4. Perfect! Never liked Junnyan’s look tbh… but Kurebayashi LOOKS AWESOME AS ALWAYS