Kuua Oyasumi x Senanan Streetwear Style w/ Kirby Plushie, Pleated Skirt, Hot Topic, WEGO, Conpeitou, Sanrio x Etoile Et Griotte Tote & Converse Sneakers

Sporting a two-tone pink-and-white streetwear ensemble on the streets of Tokyo is Skylar, a 16-year-old student.

In addition to her curly hair, Skylar is dressed in a purple-and-pink top with a white lace-trimmed collar from Bodyline and a Kuua Oyasumi X Senanan print. She tucked her top into a short white pleated skirt, donned white fishnet tights from Tutu Anna and Kuua Oyasumi X Senanan printed knee-high socks, and stepped into a pair of white Converse sneakers. Skylar embellished her look with accessories such as hair clips, silver chain necklaces from WC and Lupis, a purple gun with pink chain necklace from Conpeitou, Harutanimin bunny pins, a fluffy bear pin from Chiroru Maid, a pink WC heart belt, silver heart chain from WEGO, a ruffled belt pin from Nile Perch, bracelets from Conpeitou and Jamie Ank, silver rings from Spinns and a pink leather heart leg harness from Hot Topic. In addition, Skylar is carrying a pink Sanrio X Etoile Et Griotte tote bag with ruffle trims, a purple backpack from WEGO with a Kirby plushie, and a Spank card holder.

Skylar lists Angelic Pretty, Conpeitou and Listen Flavor as her fashion favorites, and she enjoys listening to Vocaloid and Japanese Idol group, CY8ER. For her social media updates, follow Skylar on Twitter, Instagram or her official site.

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