Kyary Fan w/ Troll Dolls, Polka Dots, Panda Sneakers & Princesses in Harajuku

Nalumi is 19 years old, and she’s a student. We noticed her colorful outfit and lilac hair on the street in Harajuku.

Nalumi is wearing a polka dot coat/sweater from Harajuku resale shop Kinji over a smiley face top from Nadia, and Kinji pants with Troll doll print. Her accessories are from Nadia: colorful bracelets, earrings, hair clips, a beret and crochet scarf. Her backpack features Disney princesses, and her panda sneakers (with loose socks) are Adidas.

Nalumi’s favorite shop is Kinji, and she’s a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan. Follow her on Twitter if you want to learn more about her.

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  1. She’s so cute. I’m not a fan of those masks though… I wonder if she’s actually sick or if its a style thing…?

  2. @appletoad those masks are used by sick people to not give the cooties to others. Since many people have things to do and getting sick can be inconvenient, if the person isn’t ill to the point they gotta be in bed, they will have things to do and the masks are to protect others from being sick.