Lay Another Flight Band Member w/ Jeremy Scott Panda Sneakers & Pink Hair

Kensuke is 19 and he’s a guitarist for the Japanese emo/screamo band Lay Another Flight. You can check out their video here.

Kensuke is wearing a blue graphic t-shirt with printed pants and a Galaxxxy jacket. He has pink hair and a “non” cap with a pompom on top. He carries a Jeremy Scott studs and zipper clutch and his Jeremy Scott x Adidas sneakers feature panda bear plushies. Kensuke’s nails are painted black, he has pink hair, and he has piercings in an ear and on his eyebrow.

Find Kensuke on Twitter for more information.

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  1. Johanness

    THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. he looks so awesome! i’m so jelly over the shoes~~

  3. I saw a super cute galaxxxy shirt and I want it sooo bad!!! i love his shoes also :3

  4. Victoria Moore

    He has a super cool look and I just checked out his video-great sound and band.

  5. beejay novicio

    i Like your shoes my dear .Can you give me that