Takuro is a specialty school student and he’s 20. We liked his earth toned look, most of which consists of resale pieces, paired with a fur collar and knitted beanie.

His sweater, trench coat, brown pants and plaid coat are all from Tokyo resale shops. The black lace-up shoes he’s wearing are George Cox, bought in Harajuku. His bag features a bike design and it reads “The Box Co. LTD”. Takuro is wearing a ring on each hand, and earrings from his mom.

He told us that his favorite place to shop is New York Joe Exchange, and that he’s into rock music. Here is where you can follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Danielle

    He’s hot *_*
    I also love his sense of style.

  2. He looks like a British trust fund boy lost in Cockney. The people there must’ve draped those coats on him. Flawless!