Layered Hair, Peasant Blouse & Long Denim Skirt

This cute Japanese girl with layered auburn hair loves to shop at the resale stores. She has created a look based on the U.S. Southwest that includes an embroidered white peasant blouse and long denim skirt embellished with bright ribbon and fabric. Her wide red belt features silver medallions and coyote and cactus charms. She’s also wearing a beaded necklace with a wooden bird charm.

Her pointed red shoes are from Umbilical. Her leather shoulder bag resembles a traditional satchel bag.

We asked about her favorite types of music and she said rock and “screamo.”
Peasant Blouse & Embellished Denim Skirt

Embroidered blouse & belt with charms

Leather satchel bag

Strands of beads & painted bird

Pointed red Umbilical shoes & dotted socks

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  1. I totally adore peasant blouses and this embroidered one was great. I like the whole outfit. Good job!

  2. Dominique

    those types of bags are very common. I almost see them in every pic. I like her style it’s very cute.

  3. Cuuuuuute^^
    I love how her hair is two styles mixed together! westeners would never suit asia!!!!^^)

  4. the blouse was bought in hungary, that`s for sure, they sell them as souvenir – it`s not the first time that i saw sg like this, apparently asians do like this kind of stuff, and what`s surprising is that they are wearing them as well :-) something unimaginable in its place of origin, haha