Layered Pastel Street Style in Harajuku w/ Curly Twin Tails, Pom Pom Hair Ties, Pink House Sheer Camisole, Resale Fashion, Handmade Tulle Bag & Tokyo Bopper Bow Shoes

Easily catching our attention with her pastel style is Rio.

Sporting curly blonde twin tails with pom pom hair ties, Rio is dressed in a layered pastel outfit, which consists of a white mock-neck lace top, a resale pink t-shirt dress with flared long sleeves, and a sheer blue ruffle camisole dress from Pink House. She styled her dress with an off white bow belt, donned resale pink plaid pajama pants, pink socks and stepped into a pair of bow shoes from Tokyo Bopper. In addition, she is carrying a handmade pink tulle sling bag, which features bow and ruffle trims.

Rio is active on Instagram as Rio Cherry.

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