Pink-streaked Hair, Oversized Hat & Nike Sneakers In Harajuku

Meet Miyume & Minami, two Japanese students who we snapped on the street in Harajuku. Miyume’s oversized hat and Minami’s pink-streaked hair (with Mickey Mouse hair clips) are what first caught out eye.

Miyume is 19 years old. His graphic t-shirt is a resale and he paired it with black skinny jeans from Uniqlo and a black coat with three pockets, from Y’s. His accessories include a burgundy backpack from Outdoor Products that he embellished with a small lock, a pair of brogues, a neon yellow watch and a matching zipper necklace. He also wears a ring, an earring, a round pin and a bracelet. Miyume’s favorite place to shop is Thom Browne and his favorite band is punk legend Sex Pistols.

Minami, 18, is wearing reused layered tops with torn denim shorts from Kinji, and Nike yellow sneakers with fluffy lilac socks. Her Superman bag is from an American comics shop, and the turquoise cross necklaces matches part of her shoes. Minami is wearing a bracelet and ring that matches Miyume’s, and her nails are painted with colorful glitter. Her favorite fashion brand is the eclectic Comme des Garcons and she told us that she enjoys Acid Black Cherry’s music.

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  1. I don’t know why, but she has really cute hands.

  2. Mikuchiwa

    It’s me or she has got really small foot ??

    Whatever , she’s cute

  3. She’s like me, got chunky legs and makes her feet look tiny. Looks so cute on her though *A*

  4. PLEASE tell me where i can get that superman bag!!!!