Leather Miniskirt, Swing Coat & Sly Platform Heels

This ultra-stylish girl dressed in head-to-toe black is Uga, an 18-year-old high school student. She’s wearing a short swing coat, a leather mini skirt, a draped top and tights. Her suede platform heels with cutouts are from Sly.

Uga’s accessories consist of several rings from Vivienne Westwood and Yoshiko Creation Paris, including rings that resemble a gold rose and silver skeleton hand. She’s also wearing a brown and tan scarf around her neck and large sunglasses. Her oversized fabric tote is from Dean & Deluca.

We asked Uga about her favorite fashion source and the answer was Zucca. Her favorite music genre is K-pop.
Leather Miniskirt, Swing Coat & Sly Platform Heels

Swing coat & brown scarf

Bob haircut & large sunglasses

Dean & Deluca bag

Rose ring & skeleton hand ring

Sly suede platform heels

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  1. Hibiki Rush

    Isn’t it like 80 degrees in Japan? How do people get around wearing this and not sweating up a storm?

  2. OMG! LOVING HER STYLE! She’s cute too! Totally love her coat. Diggin’ her rings! esp the rose and VW! Would love to have her sunglasses! A+++ for her style!

  3. ezra vilda

    love her style sooo cute,simple & elegant :D
    especially for her glasses & shoes >,<

  4. I love that rose ring and her shoes are da-bomb! (its 2 bad u cant see how awesome they are, unless their up-close…darn her stockings! lol) She looks awesome! :D

  5. Really nice and mature, reminds me of edna.

    one day one day…

  6. one of the coolest outfits I’ve ever seen on here. this girl has style. :D
    a cigarette in her right hand would make it perfect.. haha

  7. Vampir Kat

    I love that skeleton ring! **SO WANT IT!!!*** The rose ring is cute too, but I wonder if I could find something like that in black or red?