Leopard Print, Skulls, Boots & Striped Socks in Shibuya

Here is a friendly eye-catching duo we spotted in Shibuya. Judging by the bags they were carrying, it’s probably a safe bet we caught them at the end of a day of fashion shopping.

The guy with the Shibuya-friendly hairstyle is wearing a red leather motorcycle jacket over a graphic top, plaid pants with zippers and black boots. His accessories include a labret piercing, a nose piercing, multiple ear piercings, a gauged earring with a dangling silver skull, and a large silver spider ring. The girl with a two-tone hairstyle is wearing a fuzzy leopard print jacket over a skull-and-crossbones asymmetrical t-shirt dress, striped socks, and red leather boots. Her accessories include a studded choker and a cross necklace.

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  1. i love his make-up. suits perfectly with his hair and piercings !

  2. Pretty sure that this is my favourite street snap so far~ <3

  3. alfianhopper

    I used to have a red leather jacket like that 20 years ago!