Less is More Stylists with Cool Otoe Hats

Here are two hair stylists from Less is More that we met in Harajuku. The cute girl on the right is Kana. Her sailor-style top is from the Kaka Vaka resale shop. Her striped shorts are also resale from MeMe’s Park (they have a logo that says “Alcatraz Health Club – Sink or Swim,” a reference to the historic island prison in San Francisco). Kana’s hat is from Otoe and her backpack is from Comme des Garcons (her favorite brand).

On the left is a cool guy named Jinya. His shirt and shorts are from a resale store. He’s wearing a really interesting hat from Otoe – the front (he’s wearing it backwards) has a nature scene with 3-D miniature trees, plants and river rocks. The back is covered with leaves. Jinya has a backpack from Aiguille.

Both Kana’s and Jinya’s favorite shop is LIM Code (Less is More)!

Hair stylists from Less is More with cool Otoe hats

Cool Japanese guy with graphic resale t-shirt

Otoe hat with 3-D foliage

3-D forest scene on Otoe hat

Japanese guy wearing Otoe hat with leaves

Slip on shoes in Harajuku

Japanese guy with Aiguille backpack

Japanese girl with resale sailor top

Japanese girl with Otoe hat

Sailor top and Comme des Garcons backpack

Black tights and two-tone Dr. Martens shoes

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  1. Damn, what an awesome hat :O
    And she’s so cute :3

  2. かなさんはめっちゃ可愛いですね~

    I have seen Kana! Love her style

  3. What a hat! Quite interesting ^^ and she looks so adorable :)

  4. It’s the hat and the girl’s shoes….both rock! :)