Levis Shorts & Resale Shirt vs. Straw Fedora & Plaid

These cool guys are two students named Yabe and Kouki. The blonde guy on the left is Yabe. He’s wearing a tank top that’s a remake under an ethnic cotton shirt. His tattered shorts are Levis and his suede shoes are resale. His accessories include a turquoise necklace and dangling earrings.

The guy on the right in the straw fedora is Kouki. The button on his shirt is from the Musashino Fashion College Incubate shop. He’s wearing a plaid resale shirt with plaid shorts that he said are Levis. The plaids are similar but different, so it’s not too matchy matchy.

Kouki’s accessories, which he said are from resale stores, include trendy white glasses and sunglasses on a chain. He’s also wearing a Nixon watch, beaded bracelet and several silver rings. His white sandals are from Uni-qlo.

Yabe’s favorite musician is Michael Jackson. His favorite shop is the Santa Monica resale store. Kouki likes hip hop music and his favorite label is Merci Beaucoup.
Levis Shorts, Straw Fedora & Plaid Shorts

Cotton resale shirt & tank

Resale suede shoes

Plaid shirt & resale glasses

Uni-qlo sandals

Thumb ring & beaded bracelet

Silver rings & thumb ring

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  1. I like the nixon watch but its a bit expensive…
    anyway both of them really nice style!!! :)

  2. Michael Jackson’s not dead!!!

    but yeah fun young cool style.

  3. short on show, long on mind….i love blue ethnic shrits & rings-esp. crossed rings(from plaids man)