Li Lium’s Blackmeans Leather-Knit Jacket & Patched Labrat Jeans

Here’s someone who we’ve been photographing on the streets of Harajuku for years – it’s Li Lium! Besides being a regular fixture around Harajuku (and working at the WEGO shop on Takeshita Dori), Li Lium is recognizable for having been featured in numerous Japanese men’s fashion magazines.

Li Lium is wearing a cool leather-and-knit jacket from the Japanese brand Blackmeans over a hoodie and Blackmeans shirt, ripped-and-patched jeans from Labrat, and Vivienne Westwood x George Cox platform boots. Accessories – some of which are vintage – include a metal cross necklace, a skull ring, and several other chunky rings.

Li Lium’s favorite shops include WEGO and Berberjin, both of which are located in Harajuku.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. isn’t this the same guy as in the 02 april shot?

  2. He has another pic on here in the same shoes. Smoking stinks!

  3. Love the Jacket!! He looks awesome! Looks like he has 2 dreads in his hair thats really kool!

  4. Damn, those shoes are rockin’! And those two dreads?! Holy smokes! Looks amazing!

  5. Somehow he reminds me of Jack Sparrow! He’s cool c;