Lil Lilly Dalmatian Coat w/ UNIF Backpack & Jouetie Platforms in Harajuku

Meet Kaori, a 21-year-old girl we met recently in Harajuku.

Kaori is wearing a dalmatian print coat from Lil Lilly, with a metallic “gamma ray” backpack from UNIF and Jouetie platform shoes. She is also wearing a Bubbles eye necklace, a choker, a rhinestones ear cuff and a razorblade earring, an eye ring and an armor ring, and flames nail art.

You can find out more about Kaori on Twitter.

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  1. What brand of backpack is that? O: its really nice

  2. Nvm found it in the description xD missed it somehow ;-;

  3. Is the mask a part of the outfit or was she actually sick…? It seems you see more people wearing those as a part of their style now…

  4. I love that coat, and her choker and razorblade earring add a nice hard edge to the whole thing. And she has really beautiful eyes too :)

    That backpack is pretty awesome, BTW :D