Lilac Hair w/ Faux Fur Coat, Tattoo Tights & Rocking Horse Shoes in Harajuku

Porin wore her black outfit with short, lilac hair and tattoo tights, which quickly caught our eye. She told us she is 21 years old and works in apparel.

Her faux fur coat is from H&M, and she is wearing it over a white top from Forever21 and a zippered mini skirt by H&M. She got her quilted bag from Cecil McBee and the ankle straps rocking horse shoes from Bodyline. Porin is also wearing a knitted infinity scarf, rhinestone earrings and a horse pendant on her choker necklace. Her dramatic makeup adds the final touch to the look.

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  1. I like this entire look, head to toe, except the tights.
    Which is weird, because I love tattoo tights. But for some reason they stand out too much and call too much attention to themselves.
    I’d give it a 10/10 if she got some less attention-calling tights. :)

  2. Aqilah Tomomi

    It’s not a freaking weird…It’s FREAKING AMAZING!!! :-D

  3. Melissa W

    She’s not saying the look is weird, she said it’s weird she doesn’t love the tattoo tights.