Lilac Hair With Resale Fashion, Glasses & Sponge Bob in Harajuku

Gero is 17 years old and she’s a student. We see her around Harajuku often, sometimes dressed in decora fashion. This time, her fun look with long, lilac hair caught our eye.

Gero is wearing an almost entirely resale outfit, with a egg print maxi skirt, graphic tee and jacket. She accessorized with blue glasses and a matching headbeand, Sponge Bob backpack and bracelet, tall sneakers and sequins under her eyes.

Gero’s favorite shop is Panama Boy, and she’s a Lady Gaga fan. Follow her on Twitter for regular updates.

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  1. Wow so colourful! I love her backpack and her hairstyle though I’m more into Lolita style than Decora, but it’s still cute…