Limi Feu, Getta Grip & Dr. Martens

Shio is a 20-year-old Bunka Fashion College Student with an individual sense of style. Her black net top is from Limi Feu. Her cutoff denim shorts are from a used clothing store.

Shio’s black striped stockings complement her black buckled Getta Grip boots. Her bag is from the Dr. Martens shoe company. Her necklace is from Limi Feu.
Limi Feu, Getta Grip & Dr. Martens

Limi Feu black mesh top

Dr. Martens shoe bag

Striped stockings & Getta Grip boots

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  1. It’s awesome how the vertically striped stockings seem to elongate her legs making her look taller. LOVE tricks like that! ^_^

  2. What about that gorgeous ring? It received no mention.

  3. This is great! Kind of fits into the Seoul street fashion scene right now too…Didn’t realise Limi Feu had such punk elements too sometimes. COOL!