Limi Feu vs Vivienne Westwood Fashion in Harajuku

This cute young Japanese couple – the guy is 19, the girl 18 – were photographed in Harajuku. The guy is wearing a Limi Feu jacket (he said that Limi Feu is one of his favorite designers), blue button up shirt, cropped Phenomenon jeans, and white sneakers. He also told us that at least one of his accessories (maybe his bag?) is by Dior. The girl is wearing a Vivienne Westwood cardigan sweater, a corset belt, a short furry skirt with flower print leggings from a resale/vintage shop, and heels. Her accessories include a Nixon Vega watch, Vivienne Westwood scarf, and a ring by Mademoiselle Yulia’s Giza fashion label. When we asked them about music, the guy said he was into electro & hip hop.

Cropped Pants & Flower Tights

Limi Feu Jacket

Vivian Westwood Cardigan

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  1. candyshaped

    ooooh my goooooood, she is so adorable =) I love her cardigan & belt

  2. I like her belt… The leggings are making her look big

  3. Blaaaaaaah, omgsh. I must have her ring! I love Mademoiselle Yulia! Ok, off topic.

    I do love their outfits though! (:

  4. Oh my Goshhhhhhhh
    The girl looks so cuteeee
    The guy looks like he was bored lol
    :) :)