Ling Tosite Sigure Fan w/ Green Odango Hair, Eyeball Earrings & Heart Handbag

This is 21-year-old Maniko, a friendly green-haired Japanese girl that we met on the street near Spinns Harajuku. Maniko’s hairstyle is known as “odango” (buns) in Japanese. We’ve been seeing variations of the double bun hairstyle a lot around Harajuku recently.

Maniko’s outfit features a graphic t-shirt from Shibuya’s Galaxxxy, a silver miniskirt from Sly, pink socks, and boots from the Japanese brand Love Boat. Her purple heart-shaped handbag is from the legendary Harajuku brand Milk. Accessories include bloodshot eyeball earrings, multiple bracelets, a lightning bolt ring, and various other rings. She said that some of her accessories came from 6%DOKIDOKI and others from Monomania.

Maniko told us that her favorite band is the amazing J-rock trio Ling Tosite Sigure. Her favorite fashion brands are 6%DOKIDOKI and Galaxxxy (aka Galaxxxy Rocks).

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Starshine

    I have the same haircut as her :D Mine’s just dark blue ~
    I love EVERYTHING in her outfit! :3 <3

  2. Bananabear

    Everything’s PERFECT! I wonder if she drew on those scratches on her legs?o_O

  3. everything. perfection.

    @bananabear: i wondered the same thing about her leg stitches! drawn on or real, they’re bad ass.

  4. Looks like she was inspired by PONPONPON the MV ^^ i guess this is the “Monster Kei”?

  5. She is so cute and has mad great fashion and accesorizing skills!
    I really love her jewelery and how she makes it all her own.

  6. I love her hair<3 and her earrings. a perfect style :)