Lingerie As Outerwear Styles w/ RoseMarie Seoir, Jenny Fax, AkikoAoki, Keisuke Kanda, Rinrinka & Tokyo Bopper

While walking on the street in Harajuku, we met Nana (left) and Yurie, who works in apparel. They caught our eye with their pastel nightwear as outerwear styles.

Nana’s purple look features a vintage purple robe over a white belted dress from Labyrinth, ruffle socks, glitter shoes from RoseMarie Seoir, and a white Tokyo Bopper bow backpack. Her only accessories are earrings. Nana loves to listen to Seiko Oomori.

At the right, Yurie’s ensemble features a long sleeveless sheer dress from Jenny Fax over an Akiko Aoki shirt and Keisuke Kanda dress. She finished her look with fluffy slippers from Ugg, a floral tote bag from Rinrinka, and hair accessories. Yurie’s favorite designer is Keisuke Kanda. She loves the music of Seiko Oomori and Ginnan Boys.

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