Lisa Frank Dog Sweatshirt, Short Shorts & Velcro Sneakers From Funktique Harajuku

We met Tamu Tamu on the street in Harajuku near the popular vintage shops Funktique and Pin Nap.

Her look features a remake Lisa Frank dog print sweatshirt with metallic American Apparel short shorts, dark blue tights, and platform velcro sneakers from Funktique. Accessories include Chanel earrings from Kinsella (another popular Harajuku vintage shop), a furry Nadia Harajuku bracelet, a holographic choker, and a blue leather backpack (that she bought resale).

Tamu Tamu’s favorite shops include Funktique, Kinsella, and Nude Trump (all Tokyo vintage shops). For more info, find Tamu Tamu on Instagram!

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  1. カラーコーディネート最高!

  2. omg I thought that was the dog from kuroko no basket