Lisa13 w/ Pink & Purple Hair, Sheer Skirt & Demonia Boots in Harajuku

This is Lisa13, a regular sight around the streets of Harajuku and the star of our new short documentary Harajuku Girl, Hardcore Dreams. Lisa is 19 years old and she plays guitar in Moth in Lilac.

Lisa has pink and purple hair in twin tails, with a Moth in Lilac handmade headband. Her Motionless in White bones t-shirt is from MerchNOW, worn with a sheer skirt and bag which she bought online and customized herself. Her knee length buckle boots are from Demonia, worn with ripped tights. She accessorized with a Moth in Lilac bracelet and a Jajaboon choker, as well as a razorblade pendant, owl earrings and ring and black nails.

Lisa13’s favorite bands are Moth in Lilac, Slipknot, Wednesday13, Motionless in White, Eisbrecher and Korn. Find Lisa on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook for more info!

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  1. Lisa13 always looks so gorgeous! ;0; I really love her goth look, all her accessories and demonia boots. w<

  2. Where can i find that type of clothing?? is so aweasome Lisa13 is gorgeous can anyone help me? T.T

  3. Dreaded_Queen

    Good to see Risa still rocking it. I see she updated her name. Still looking great