Listen Flavor Style w/ Biker Jacket, Skulls & Heart Tights in Harajuku

Chankaho is 23 and she works in apparel. She likes punk and visual music, and her favorite brand is Listen Flavor.

Chankaho is wearing a skull top and skull skirt from Listen Flavor, with a biker jacket on top. She accessorized with a black skull beret, studs and chain bracelets, a faux fur scarf, black backpack and heart tattoo tights. She also showed us her Listen Flavor phone case, with a cat skull. Chankaho’s white star lace-up boots are Dr. Martens.

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  1. lexyXpunXcore

    Omg where can i get that hat at i love it!!!!!

  2. Oh my she is soo cute! I love her jacket, shirt, accessories and everything!
    and that cellphone and charm is super addorable!!

  3. Like her hair style so much!! LOVE the way it curls.

  4. FreakyPrincess

    I love her outfit and she’s so beautiful, damn !