Girls in Liz Lisa Plaid Tops and Hats in Harajuku

These cute Japanese girls – photographed in Harajuku – are 17-year-old Takayama and 16-year-old Nagata. They are wearing matching outfits, which is called “Pair Look” in Japan. Both of them are wearing Liz Lisa plaid tops over ruffled miniskirts. Their patterned black stockings are worn with fur-trimmed and leopard print boots. Accessories include bow tie rings and pearl necklaces from Paris Kids. Both girls have long wavy red hair and stylish billed hats.

Takayama’s white bag with tan leather trim is from Roco Nails. Her favorite music is Idol kei and Western music. Nagata’s bag is from Laketown and she likes Johnny’s kei and Idol kei. These two cute girls like shopping at Liz Lisa, Azul, d.i.a. and CocoLulu.

Liz Lisa Plaid Tops and Hats in Harajuku

White skirt and black stockings

Japanese girls with Roco Nails bag

Wavy red hair and hat

Black stockings and furry boots

Japanese girl with Laketown bag

White hat with bill

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  1. cute girls but I think the outfits arent nicely put together, just sort of trown on :/

  2. Cute!! But those have got to be either wigs or extensions… XD

  3. I love how girls this young are into fashion already :) You don’t get that in many countries.

    jn: those must be the most realistic-looking wigs I’ve ever seen!

  4. jesika lin

    i like the heart tights with leopard boots. i find the “pair look” kind of creepy though…. who wants to look the same as someone else?

  5. Fashion isn’t simply about expressing one’s individuality, but also to facilitate the bond that you have with a group or another person.

  6. Aaah, all is looking good, but just… Why Uggs? Why… T___T

  7. oh, i will make my hair like the right girl, so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. They look absolute adorable! The only thing that urks me is they don’t have red hair, at least to me, a natural ginger. I love their boots, especially the one with the cheetah spots.