Lois Crayon, Mania, Dog & Vans in Harajuku

We were happy to find this cute Japanese couple – each with a unique look – on the street in Harajuku. On the left is Saki, a 21-year-old designer. Her eclectic look includes a striped blouse with bow tie and plush brocade jacket. Both tops came from the resale stores – Life Market and Thank-You Mart. Her striped cotton skirt is from Lois Crayon. Her retro two-tone shoes from Mania are worn with maroon tights.

Saki’s accessories include maroon gloves, a fur hat and a flowered chintz bag that she found at a flea market. Her favorite fashion designer is Motonari Ono and she enjoys listening to electro, pop, classical music and the singer ACO.

On the right is a 20-year-old student named Hiro. His print drop crotch (sarueru) pants from the Dog resale shop in Harajuku feature a cool black and white print. His black and white high tops are from Vans. He’s also wearing a long black hoodie and black and gray fringed scarf. His roomy striped bag – which looks like it’s made from recycled material – is from Alchemy Goods.

Hiro’s favorite stores are Dog and the various shops in the Kita-kore building in Koenji. His favorite band is The Jetzejohnson.

Lois Crayon with Mania & Dog with Vans

Long black hoodie & flea market bag

Cute Japanese girl in plush brocade jacket

Lois Crayon skirt & floral chintz bag

Maroon tights and Mania shoes

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  1. i love what the guy is wearing, there’s something really hot about it XD

  2. raynorshine

    her coat is officially the best coat i’ve ever seen.

  3. her coat remind me to an old grandma’s sofa ^^, but it is indeed pretty. and love the print on boy’s pants. love her shoes too~