Lolita Twins w/ Angelic Pretty & Baby The Stars Shine Bright in Harajuku

Rayti and Kuri were wearing almost identical Lolita outfits when we met them in Harajuku. They’re both college students and they love listening to Alice Nine. We’ve seen them around Harajuku a few times recently and while their styles always change, they are always dressed in pair look (matching outfits).

Their dresses are from Angelic Pretty, Rayti’s in mint green, and Kuri’s in lilac. They’re both wearing capelets from Baby The Stars Shine Bright and heart shaped bags from Milk. Their pink shoes are from F.i.n.t, worn with printed tights. They’re also wearing Baby The Stars Shine Bright hair bows – Rayti’s is mint, and Kuri’s is pink.

Rayti told us that she likes shopping at Angelic Pretty most, and she gave us her Twitter for more information. Kuri, on the other hand, likes shopping at Baby The Stars Shine Bright as well as Angelic Pretty, and she’s also on Twitter.

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  1. cute outfits^^!! but… that’s a lot of white powder they shoulda went with a natural look

  2. O.O the looks the same…!!! that’s so amazing!

  3. You call them “she” but these are obviously men. Nothing wrong with that, but, just because they wear lolita doesn’t mean they are transsexual so there is nothing wrong with calling them “he”.

  4. @Hime – We respect whatever someone fills out on their street snap form. In this case, both of these lolitas filled out “female”. People on the street are nice enough to allow us to photograph them, so we try to be respectful of their wishes. Thanks for the comment!

  5. @Hime – How incredibly rude of you to pick on their sex/gender. Can you not just appreciate the lovely clothing! They identified themselves as Female, what does it matter anyway.

    That aside, sweet outfits, they look so cute!