This unique style of this couple who we met in Harajuku made us stop and ask for some photos. The cool guy on the left with long hair is 25-year-old Juro. He’s wearing a teddy bear print shirt from a resale shop over a gray t-shirt. He’s also wearing pink and gray shorts from American Apparel with pastel and gray leggings from Startstyling. His shoes are blue sneakers.

Juro’s friend is 24-year old Shizuno. Her dress is a colorful komon kimono with obi sash from A・I・C. She’s also wearing brown suede sandals and carrying a small cloth bag.

We asked the couple about their taste in fashion and music. Juro likes Anntian and Cosmic Wonder and likes to listen to free jazz, including Steve Lacy and Sun Ra. Shizuno likes to shop at H.P. France and listen to the rock band Envy.
Guy in American Apparel shorts & Girl in Kimono

Teddy bear print shirt & gray t-shirt

Starstyling leggings & blue sneakers

Colorful kimono & obi sash

Traditional obi sash

Kimono & brown suede sandals

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  1. Don’t care for the way he’s dressed, but I would give anything to have hair like that.


    I think he was soooo SLEEPY in the morning that when he was DRESSING he went into his SISTERS closet, and put her CLOTHES on, by mistake!

  3. Those gray leggings are awesome, though I’d rather see them on a girl =w= (Or at least a more feminine guy).

  4. I love what this couple is wearing especially the man’s leggings. It’s very cool :)