Long Mikio Sakabe Top & Fantasy Toy Rings

This cool guy with a distinctive hair style and blue-rimmed sunglasses is Ren, a 20-year-old college student. He’s wearing a long cotton top with a hood from Mikio Sakabe with black tights and quilted black boots that he bought at a used clothing store.

Eye-catching accessories from Zaorick and F.E.A.R. include a bright blue and white graphic scarf, leather and silver wristbands, a Casio G-Shock watch and several plastic fantasy toy rings. He’s also wearing a silver ear stud and a plastic earring. His black studded backpack is from Memento.
Long Mikio Sakabe top w/ blue & white scarf

Blue-rimmed sunglasses & graphic scarf

Japanese mohawk hair in Harajuku

Memento black studded backpack

Studded wristbands & fantasy rings

Plastic monster ring

Plastic toy bracelet & metal wristband

Used short quilted boots

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  1. It’s a bit too feminine for my tastes. I like the appearance of everything except for the length of the top. Liking the shoes alot :)

  2. Tiene una cara muy varonil pero ah la vez su vestimenta lo hace verse femenini O:. pero es una gran mezcla ^^

  3. deathscythe

    I love the wristbands. I wonder if I could find the same overseas.

  4. d (twitter-CLOSETFREEK)

    I have these exact shoes!
    Found them at a thrift store in Seattle.
    Also, Great colors on his scarf!

    Cheers & <3 to Japan!

  5. I would fall in love all the time in Tokyo… he’s perfect !

  6. I like his hair. I definitely can respect I guy who can pull off an outfit like this. And that ring? Ridiculous!

  7. Why can’t people call this guy’s clothing what it is? A dress. If a girl wore that, no one would be referring to it as a “long top.” Nothing wrong with gender-bending.

  8. i want that backpack!
    where can i find it.can i find it online?.please,help.