Long Red Hair & Green Liz Lisa Dress in Harajuku

This is Acolin, a 23-year-old Japanese specialty school student. Her doll-like look caught our attention right away when we spotted her in Harajuku.

Acolin is wearing a green Liz Lisa dress with red stockings that match her long red hair, and penny loafers from a vintage shop. For a bag, she’s carrying a large red vintage quilted purse. Inside of her purse, she had a pair of headphones, as you can see in the last photo.

Acolin told us that some of the accessories she’s wearing are from her favorite brand, Harajuku’s very own Milk!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Bom Park!!!! ~~~^^
    Lovely hair and outfit! <3
    very like it :)

  2. I wonder if we walked into the hair slon with her pair of stockings and said “I want my hair THIS colour”, or if she really did magically find a pair of stockings that matched her hair colour so perfectly (don’t ya just love when that happnes!!)

  3. Isn’t it just a wig- on the last pic, it doesn’t look like her actual hair.

  4. its her hair plus extensions.
    i love the colors and her bangs are perfect!

  5. It looks like she’s wearing extensions. She looks very cute, though!

  6. girly-girl

    aside from the shoes (loafers look weird on me). that girl (hair cut and color too) dresses exactly like i do.

    it’s kind of surreal to see.

  7. I love her hair and colour and it’s so cool that stockings match ! Her outfit is cute too!!!

  8. It probably is a wig, but it’s still a perfect colour match! Maybe the wig and perfectly matching stockings come together as a package :P

  9. A wig or not, but the colors combination is wonderful. Love it *_*

  10. A great outfit! Love the coat, shoes and her hair colour!

  11. ahahhaa yeah those shoes are too big xP but I love her style!! I wish i could have my hair like hers!!! *-*

  12. It’s supaa adorable! Love her emerald green coat, ww. it’s kinda obvious that her sheos are too big ^w^

  13. Pretty *o*

    in love with all of the items, but i want to see her dress too :o)