Louis Vuitton, Shirley Temple & Alice Auaa

This stylish 18-year-old college student has put together an outfit consisting of a black from Uni-qlo and a Shirley Temple animal print skirt.

She’s carrying two Louis Vuitton bags, one decorated with a stuffed Panda. A large velvet hair bow from the Gothic Lolita shop Alice Auaa adds a cute touch. She’s also wearing black shoes from Melissa with dotted socks.

When we asked about her favorite shop and she said Garter. She said her favorite music is by the visual kei brand Deluhi.
Louis Vuitton, Shirley Temple & Alice Auaa

Hair bow from Alice Auaa & Uni-qlo

Louis Vuitton bags & stuffed panda

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  1. Cute & Chic! Love the coloring, the leo skirt and the LV bag, of course. And the girl is pretty like a doll *_*

  2. She’s really pretty and somewhat original, but that bag has nothing to do with her outfit. And let’s be honest, damier print is just boring. LV makes so many beautiful bags, why people keep insisting on the same print and model?

  3. Cute look! I love her Shirley Temple skirt.
    Alice Auaa makes the most amazing things. I wish they were more within my budget.

  4. Not too sure how I feel about what she’s wearing.

    Another Deluhi fan! ★

  5. It not some thing I would ever wear myself but I still love the style

  6. This is very good combination. Louis Vuitton’s bags are more nice with this panda! :D I love this style :)

  7. I like her shoe+sock combination, and her funky skirt. But LV bags are so extremely cliched, and her t-shirt looks cheap & slouchy. Understatedness is the way to go, not a t-shirt that looks like it’s been slept in for years.

  8. robert moore

    The socks were a great touch to the outfit but I love her creavity with the bags

  9. Great style^^
    I love her skirt and the color of her clothes.
    her style is very vintage

  10. I think a cute gold necklace would hav tied it all together. Otherwise super cute and honestly something I would dress up in myself! :)