Lowrys Farm & Chatmonchy Love in Harajuku

These two Japanese girls were photographed near the Hanjiro resale clothing shop in Harajuku – which might explain why they’re both carrying Hanjiro shopping bags.

The girl on the left is a 19-year-old college student. She’s wearing a long jacket that she said she purchased at an “ethnic” clothing store (“ethnic” in Japan is a catchall term for traditional-inspired fashion from various cultures around the world), a black top, denim shorts from the Gap, stockings, moccasin boots, and a backpack from The Emporium. She said that a few of her favorite fashion brands are Hart Market, Lowrys Farm, Heather, and Hanjiro – and that her favorite musical artists include Aiko and Chatmonchy.

The girl on the right is 18 years old. Like her friend, she’s a college student, and she also likes Chatmonchy. Her layered outfit consists of fur ear muffs, a long knit sweater over a button-up dress over another top, green stockings, and brown leather boots. She said that the brands that make up her outfit include B.L.U.E., The Emporium, and Lowrys Farm. She’s also carrying a white leather purse from Archives. She told us that her favorite fashion brands include SM2 and Lowrys Farm.

Harajuku Street Fashion

Japanese Layered Fashion

Fur Ear Muffs

Moccasin Boots in Harajuku

Ethnic Coat in Tokyo

Tokyo Girl w/ Backpack

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  1. tokyosista

    Eeee…I love Chatmonchy too! They have great music taste. :3

  2. I love the outfit on the girl to the right. The other one looks not as nice with that colorful coat on.

  3. I actually like the girl on the style from the girl on the left…I like the jacket, a bit too big though and it looks kind of odd on her ’cause she looks short(I am too)…aside from that I like the shoes and the shirt.