Macrame Handbag & Chain Necklace in Harajuku

This cool 20-year-old Japanese guy was photographed on the street in Harajuku. He’s wearing a large drapey vintage/traditional-looking coat over several shirts, a large chain necklace, a hat, glasses, shorts, and sneakers. He said that his top was from Amen, his cool macrame handbag from Boy, and his sneakers are Nike. His favorite shops are Boy and Amen, both of which are hipster resale/vintage shops in central Tokyo.

Cool Harajuku Men's Fashion

Chain Necklace and Net Bag

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  1. wow i noticed that several japanese men seem to carry bag/purse-like stuff. i find this very interesting

  2. I’ve seen this guy a lot on this website…
    is he your regular model?

  3. tokyo

    I don’t know him, but maybe he’s shop staff at one of the shops in Harajuku? There are certain people that end up in the same places a lot and we do have multiple pictures of some of them. There are also some people who end up on several of the fashion snap websites (sometimes you will even see people in different Japanese magazines, but they were shot on the same day) because they are always running around Harajuku in cool outfits.