Maimai’s Neon Hair, Glay Hoodie & Colorful Sneakers in Harajuku

Here’s a well-known Harajuku street fashion personality – and one of the most consistently colorful girls we’ve seen around the area over the last few years – it’s Maimai!

Maimai is wearing a Glay “High Communications” “Red Moon Silver Sun” hoodie with a Glay t-shirt, black shorts, black tights, and studded pink and green LA Gear sneakers. Her backpack has a colorful and creepy illustration featuring the text “Recipe for Disaster”. Maimai’s pink and neon red hairstyle brightens the look up quite a bit as well.

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  1. She just looks amazing and I’m totally in love with her hair and contact lenses

  2. I didn’t realize that her hair colour was a little bit different too ^^