Maina’s Blue Velvet Dress, Nike Air Escape Sneakers & Tsumori Chisato Clutch

Here’s Maina, a 19-year-old college student with grayish hair worn in pigtails and magenta eyebrows. Her eye-catching blue velvet dress is from a used clothing store. She’s also wearing ruffled socks and tan and blue Nike Air Escape sneakers with small bears on the shoelaces.

Accessories include a silver chain and medallion, butterfly hairclips, a Timex Snow White watch and a small clutch from Tsumori Chisato.

Maina told us her favorite fashion sources are Bubbles and Nadia. As for music, she likes The Boom, Forever The Sickest Kids and Blink-182.

You can see more pictures of Maina ins different styles on her official Tumblr blog Strike Me Pink!

Blue Velvet Dress & Nike Air Escape Sneakers

Pigtails & magenta eyebrows

Butterfly hairclip

Timex Snow White watch

Ruffled socks & Nike Air Escape sneakers

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  1. this is actually the worst post I’ve ever seen on here. her whole appearance is totally not pic-worthy in my opinion…the dress looks boring and why would anyone dye their hair so that it looks like they’re 80 years old.
    just because she’s Japanese doesn’t mean she’s stylish by default, pffft

  2. That’s an awful looking hair colour and texture.

  3. Love it! Maina is herself..Personal expression and great style. Who cares about trends, but even so she is way ahead of the game..I know her style and stuff she wears a lot of you complainers friends will probably wear 5 years later.

  4. Thank you!!!!!
    Welcome to my Tumblr!!!
    I love 80’s Fashion and ROCK Music!!!