Malice Mizer Fan Wearing Gothic h.Naoto Fashion in Harajuku

Here’s a gothic-styled Japanese guy named Kyouka who we snapped in Harajuku. You might recognize Kyouka as a regular participant in Harajuku Fashion Walk.

Kyouka is wearing a black vest with cape from h.Naoto over a sleeveless top from h.Naoto Sixh, black pants from Yellow House, and black leather platform boots. Accessories include a silver skull-capped vial necklace (with what looks like a bone inside) along with a bag (which doesn’t appear to have made it into the photos) from h.Naoto.

Kyouka’s favorite bands include Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois. If you’d like to see more pictures of Kyouka, you can check our previous Harajuku Fashion Walk coverage.

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  1. Amazing beauty!!! Vk maybe? Its so amazing !! More like that!! *__________*

  2. From all the other snaps, I always thought he was a woman… I’m really sorry, I feel so bad now… but I guess that just shows how beautiful he is.

  3. wow it’s them from the fashion walk photos! i thought he was a girl.. :(… aww.. oh well his style is very cool! :).. I like the necklace and the cape !!

  4. No matter how hard he tries he’ll never be a woman

  5. Is very Pretty!!!!! Can I wrap up for my birthday and Have sent to me please ???? !!!! Its tomorrow !! ~ Smiles ~ thank you … absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. He’s a handsome man who puts together very befitting Gothic outfits which are extremely well matched and fitted to his build and features. Out side of Hollywood it’s rare to come across a male who can wear the fashion so well. Very beautiful. ;-p

  7. Is that chunky platform and flared pants combo still a thing in Japan? I see it pop up in the Harajuku photo section every now and then…. Being that Japan is supposedly ahead of the curve, I assumed they were way past this look (reminiscent of late 90s/early 2000s). Where does one even find an outfit like that anymore? I mean you can’t even find stuff like that in the States and we’re behind everybody lol… I think used to have those exact boots back in 8th grade!

  8. Catscratch

    …..I wants him… T_T I love his style though, honestly. Ive always loved gothics styles.