Man of Moods, Nozomi Ishiguro & New York Joe

We ran into this striking 6-foot tall 21-year-old guy on the street in Harajuku. He told us that he works as part of the RID team. His outfit includes a light jacket by Boessert/Schorn worn over a matching shorts & top set from Nozomi Ishiguro, a Man of Moods backpack, Nike sneakers, and an eye-catching fuzzy white hat from the Shimokitazawa resale shop New York Joe.

When we asked him about what he’s into right now, he told us that his favorite fashion brand is yyyy/mm/dd (pronounced “year-month-day” aka “イヤーマンスデー”) and his favorite shop is Southpaw Koenji.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Oh my gosh, his style is always so cool. I like the light color palette, suits him well. He’s always so avant-garde!

    And cool! For some reason I was thinking New York Joe was in Shibuya..I’ll have to go there when I go back to Tokyo later this year. Glad to see Shimokita getting new furugi shops.

    Great shot!

  2. I am definitely digging his hat, shirt, and socks! I love the subtle hints of yellow through-out his outfit.

  3. loverly pale tones, they suit him, he also looks so tall! :]

  4. Angela\^-^/

    I love his shirt and shorts. I wish guys would dress so fashionably in America. :3