Marc Jacobs Plaid Coat & Cute Earrings in Harajuku

This cute Japanese girl was photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a cool purple plaid coat from Marc by Marc Jacobs (about US$450), a polka dot pattern scarf, knit gloves, a lace-trimmed skirt, leggings, leg warmers, and Minnetonka sheep skin boots. Her accessories include a brown leather Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag and two cute dangling earrings. She told us that her favorite shop is Lamp Harajuku and that her favorite musicians include a trio of quirky ladies – Yuki, Chara, and Bj√∂rk.

Japanese Girl in Marc Jacobs Style

Marc by Marc Jacobs Purple Plaid Coat

Polka Dot Scarf in Harajuku

Cute Butterfly Earring

Flower Earrings in Harajuku

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  1. The earrings are really cute especially the butterfly!
    And her outfit is nice, too :)

  2. Wow! She’s a cutie for sure, love the outfit and the very little makeup she is wearing, it fits it all very well.