This cool guy with black and blonde hair is Seita, an 18-year-old specialty school student. A fan of Marilyn Manson, Seita is dressed in a black Monomania t-shirt with the signature logo in pink and black Gadget Grow pants with buttoned cuffs. He’s also wearing a black cardigan with a black shawl draped in front. He’s carrying a large plaid backpack decorated with a furry toy.

His two-tone platform shoes are from Tuk. His accessories from Monomania include a spiked wristband and a handcuff necklace.

Seita told us his favorite fashion brand is Monomania.
Monomania shirt & Gadget Grow pants in Harajuku

Two-tone hair & Monomania logo shirt

Blonde & black hair, silver earring & handcuff necklace

Plaid backpack

Spiked Monomania wristband & heavy metal rings

Monomania logo t-shirt

Two-tone socks & shoes from Tuk

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  1. Ahh!! I find him to be really cute>A< I love his jewlery and Creepers^^

  2. WOHOO! YAY MM fan! rock on !! ;-; he´s so cute~~