MaU from Kinsella Harajuku w/ Pink House & Vintage Sneakers

Here’s MaU (aka Mayu), someone who longtime fans of Tokyo street fashion will recognize right away. MaU works at the popular Harajuku resale shop Kinsella, and her personal style has been featured in numerous Japanese fashion magazines over the last few years. We have also snapped her previously.

MaU is wearing an oversized resale jacket from the Japanese brand Pink House over a resale hoodie and top from Kinsella, a resale denim skirt from Kinsella, striped tights, and vintage sneakers from Dog Harajuku. Accessories – some of which came from Aquvii & New Era – include a pink beanie, large square hoop earrings, multiple rings, and a lip-print shoulder bag from ANAP. MaU ‘s blue-streaked blonde short hairstyle is also an essential part of her look.

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