Maximum the Hormone Fan w/ Kiss T-shirt, Safety Pins, Studs & Creepers

Nana is a 17-year-old student who we met in Harajuku recently while she was wearing in a rock look featuring a studded band t-shirt with striped half-sleeves underneath.

Nana bought her Kiss t-shirt, short shorts, and her creepers from a shop on Takeshita Dori. Her backpack is hand accessorized with safety pins. She is also wearing a star necklace, studded bracelet and a Casio G-Shock Baby G watch, some of which came from her favorite shop Nadia Harajuku.

Nana told us that Maximum the Hormone is her favorite band, and she gave us her personal Twitter.

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  1. Sarahbanana

    Awesome! Nice idea with the backpack ^.^ looks really cool