Meewee Dinkee Designer’s Birdcage Veil, Wooden Platforms & Chanel Bag in Harajuku

When we ran into Torico near LaForet Harajuku, it was no surprise that she was in a hurry. She’s the designer of the fashion brand Meewee Dinkee (formed by the Japanese art group Maywa Denki). The brand just kicked off its debut exhibition at the Wall boutique inside of LaForet. Luckily for us, Torico was kind enough to stop for a few quick street snaps!

Torico is wearing an outfit that features a leopard coat from D&G with a Meewee Dinkee dress, graphic tights, and Jeffrey Campbell wooden platforms. Accessories – most of which came from Meewee Dinkee – include several necklaces and bracelets as well as a pretty birdcage veil. Her pink quilted purse is by Chanel and her nail art – which is partially inspired by Meewee Dinkee – is also exceptional.

Torico has her own personal Twitter. If you want to check out Meewee Dinkee’s new collection, the brand’s popup shop will be at LaForet through November 17, 2013. You can also see some of the brand’s pieces on the Wall Harajuku blog.

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  1. Love it all – veil, nails, bag (get in my wardrobe!), those tights and shoes. Top-to-toe brilliance.