Mercibeaucoup Overalls w/ MxMxM Cap & Nadia Harajuku Platform Sneakers

This is Omame, a stylish girl we met in Harajuku. She is wearing denim, and her hair is in ombre twin braids with blue tips.

Her overalls and hoodie are from the Japanese brand mercibeaucoup, paired with Nadia lowtop Converse sneakers and floral Tutuanna tights. Her pompom cap is from MxMxM (a.k.a. Magical Mosh Misfits) and her floral backpack is Lowrys Farm. She accessorized with a Pin Nap ring and flower earrings.

You can follow Omame on Twitter for daily updates.

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  1. this is one of the most well put together outfits i’ve ever seen, from the litte floral elements, to the basic colours of blue and white, yet there are red details here and there. I love it.

  2. ♥ Now, this is really different , this looks incredibly good . ♥Everything on her matches. ♥ I totally ♥ love ♥ her braids and the blue nuances in it ♥ . Great outfit! ♥

  3. Japanese do the best hairstyle !! that hatt ..and the eyes. Wow. i love those wearing the mask. cutee