Mesh Top & Spike Boots vs Crop Top & High Waist Shorts in Harajuku

Risako and Ayumi are two stylish girls we photographed on the street in Harajuku. Their styles are very on-trend for Summer 2013 in Tokyo!

Risako is the blond girl in the pictures. She goes to Bunka Fashion College and she’s 19. She’s wearing a Bubbles mesh top over a bustier from Topshop. She paired them with a white Rose Bud skirt, and a floral Joyrich bag. Her spiked boots are Jeffrey Campbell. Risako told us she’s wearing accessories from Vivienne Westwood, Nixon, Tiffany and Ray Ban: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and a watch. Her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and she likes the music of Marilyn Manson and L’arc-en-ciel. Find her on Twitter for regular updates.

Ayumi is the one with lilac hair. She is 20 and beauty college student. She wears a floral bustier from Topshop over a lace crop top, with high waist American Apparel denim shorts and a resale parka. Her bag is from Zara and her platform sandals are from Topshop. She is wearing resale and handmade accessories, such as: a choker, “love” and animal print earrings, and thin rings. Ayumi told us that her favorite stores are American Apparel, Zara and Topshop, and that she’s a fan of Miliyah Kato and hip hop music. Look her up on Twitter for more information.

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  1. I like the ‘No Doubt’ Gwen Stefani vibe I’m getting from the girl with the blonde hair.

  2. I love both of their outfits: one has contrasting colours with loads of textures, while the other has colour clashes with perfect light summery layering, really well done!

  3. People are soo uninformed, this is nothing like Gwen Stefani, if anything she’s influenced by Japan. That aside I love Gwen and these two have such cute outfit s on :) .