Mickey Mouse, Uniqlo & Vivienne Westwood

This cool guy with black and white style is a 22-year-old student named Seki. He’s wearing a graphic Mickey Mouse top from Dog (the Harajuku resale shop) with remade Uniqlo pants. His black work boots were given to him by a friend.

His accessories include a Vivienne Westwood ashtray necklace. His dotted vinyl backpack is from the Tokyo shop called Midwest.

When we asked Seki about his favorite designer labels his answer was Limi Feu and Vivienne Westwood.
Mickey Mouse, Uniqlo & Vivienne Westwood

Hooded Mickey Mouse top from Dog

Vinyl backpack from Midwest

Remade Uniqlo pants & work boots

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  1. hot dayuum, can you please marry me? love the simplicity of colours, and yet it looks so complex by the patterns and texture! well done.

  2. What a beautiful man. His entire outfit is well put together and looks well thought out. (I bet it wasn’t though)

    I adore the jeans!

  3. Lady Caos

    I love the pants and the leggings… awesome outfit!

  4. mary hannah

    ahhhhh….i love his outfit…and he is so cute…lol