Miho & Maho w/ Pink & Blue Hair, Nikki Lipstick, Revolution Tomorrow & Pokemon in Harajuku

Miho & Maho are Harajuku style icons. We are always really happy when we run into the twins around the streets of Tokyo because they’re not only stylish, but also extremely friendly! Our previous snaps of the twins are here.

Maho – on the left with blue hair – is wearing a Nikki Lipstick “MISSFIT” top over UNIF bottoms, striped tube socks, and Underground platform creepers. Accessories include a Nikki Lipstick “DOLL” cap, an OS Accessories bone necklace, a Pokemon backpack, and leather bracelets from Long Clothing. Piercings, tattoos, and fierce eye makeup add to the look. Maho likes shopping at Candy Shibuya and Dog Harajuku and she’s a fan of PLASTICZOOMS. Find her on Twitter or Instagram for more pics!

Miho – on the right with pink hair – is wearing a Revolution Tomorrow “SILENCE” top with ripped garter stockings and Tokyo Bopper platform boots. Accessories include a Revolution Tomorrow “SILENCE” cap, an OS Accessories bone necklace, Long Clothing leather bracelets, and a KTZ backpack. Her look also includes facial piercings, tattoos, and beautiful eye makeup. Miho told us that her favorite store is Candy Tokyo. Find her on Twitter and Instagram!

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  1. These two girls and their style and outfits are just so awesome and cool and I don’t even know what to say because it’s so perfect! Щ(゚Д゚щ)

  2. I’m speechless… Wow, just really cool. The eyes are my favorite part.

  3. Cool. But…..are those tattoos real? They don’t look fake….I thought tattoos were a taboo in Japan!

  4. Those tattoos are quite real . Just became a bunch of older Generation farts don’t like tattoos doesn’t make they don’t exist. There are many wonderful tattoo artists in Japan even. And many musicians and people have them.

    Those two women have an amazing style . I love the make up and hats

  5. Monica, have you seen the bands? If tattoos were taboo, then they and all their fans would be going against the grain. Tattoos are hardly taboo in Japan!

  6. Alexis M.

    Perfection oh yeah!!!! Work it I love those outfits adorable :)