Military Cap and Mini with Blythe Doll T-Shirt

This pretty Japanese girl with wavy blonde hair is Hikari, a 19-year-old specialty school student. Her outfit consists of a short zippered cotton skirt and a graphic t-shirt with images of what look like Blythe dolls from a shop on Spainzaka (in Shibuya).

Her accessories from Thank You Mart and Claire’s include a wide stretch belt with metallic studs, a Diva Salon necklace and a cute black military-style cap.

Her jewelry consist of a ring shaped like a kiss and a studded leather bracelet. Hikari’s black work boots are from a Harajuku select shop named Bunkaya Zakkaten. Her black leggings add a unique touch with a different style on each leg.

Hikari’s favorite shop in Tokyo is Nadia and she likes the music of Kana Nishino.
Military cap & zippered miniskirt

Blythe doll t-shirt & wavy blonde hair

Black leather backpack

Pink nails, kiss ring & studded leather bracelet

Unique black leggings and work boots

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  1. I LUV the whole look accept the hair! maybe some conditioner would be NICE! SO0o0o0ory! 0_o!

  2. OMG.. sooo great!!
    I looove everything.. she is so pretty n.n

  3. whole outfit is perfect, especially loving the belt over the tee shirt. not crazy about the hair either, its kind of 80s.

  4. Di Dice On

    wow it all looks effortless, i love her hair and the legs everything about this screams fierce!

  5. i lurrrrrrrvvvvvv these garms! personally i like the hair it works with the look and makes the style individual to the person! the thing with fashion is you’ve gotta take it as it comes, everyones got there own pair of eyes to see differently xx

  6. ehhh… patterned leggings ARE back in style
    still wish they weren’t
    t-shit is cute
    really nice coordinate :3
    again the hair- srsly needs some moister

  7. Love her outfit, even though the leggings isn’t my favorite thing it still all works. :) She’s so freaking pretty! She could be a model

  8. Shameme Adams

    AAaaaw SOooo cute!!, i dream of having a Blythe Doll t-shirt. Anyone know where i could get one from?. If so please email me [email protected].

  9. Cute punk rock look! I even like the hair, so 80s! The haters are just jealous of how AWESOME it is LOLZ