Military-Inspired Male Japanese Style

Tokyo street style photo taken in Harajuku in August 2009.

This Japanese pair were kind enough to pose for our photo on Cat Street near the Harajuku Nike Store. The guy’s outfit has a really military-inspired style. He’s wearing a black button up shirt with an iron cross pin and a dog tag chain necklace. His camouflage cargo pants are belted with two belts – one that is studded and another with a large iron cross belt buckle. At the ground level, his camo pants are tucked into brown leather boots that look vintage. To top it all off, he’s sporting a mustache and beard. The girl he’s with is wearing a black and white straw hat, a black pattern dress, black leggings, and open toe black high heel sandals. Her bag is a large brown leather handbag.

Japanese Military Style Fashion

You can click the image to see a higher quality version.

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  1. teh syle so greattttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love his pants I WANT pants like that tooooo)))))))))))))))
    love her hat))))